alanna (torn_canvas) wrote in icons_r_art,

Outlining Text Tutorial (PS7)

Outlining Text (Photoshop 7)

This tutorial is going to show you how to add a colored outline to the text in an icon.

1) Open up the icon (or image) you will be working with. Make sure it is 100x100, as that is the maximum size for a LiveJournal icon.

2) Click on the Type Tool in the Tools Pallette Menu and type what text you want for your icon (using your font of choice).

3) Once you have done that, it should like this:

4) Now, for this example, I am going to add a black outline around the text, but you can choose whichever color suits your icon best.

Next, you will have to go to the Layers Pallette and right click on the text layer.

5) From here, go to "Blending Options", "Stroke", and set Size to 1 pixel, Position to Outside, Blend Mode to Normal, Opacity to 100%,

and the color of your choice. And hit "OK".

6) There you are! You have your outlined text! Now, it should look like this:

Play around with fonts and colors some more and see the different results you will get!
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