xhaikux (xhaikux) wrote in icons_r_art,

Icon Size= 100x100
Picture Address = I found a couple of pictures you can work off of I mean just be creative you know
http://www.cybercombatclub.com/assets_mangas_fantasy_anime_divx/fan_pics_arts_images/fan_arts_pics_images_galleries_wallpapers_zaza5smal.jpg [this one would have to be made bigger]
http://rosa.zext.net/yokaze/tears.jpg [very nice pic]
http://www.vectors.cx/media/eyes.jpg [this would be a cool pic if you could make the eyes cry blood]
If cropping is required, how do you want it cropped= none that I can see
Base from= none
Icon Text= One of the Lost and why do I feel so alone look below to see how I would like it.
Font= a very simple font nothing like in cursive
Font Color= Well I really dont know all I know is the words I want on it just be creative surprise me.
Text Animation= glow
Special Effects= The pic right and then fade in the text still on the pic make sure the text is clear and readable..then fade out to another pic and put the text why do I feel so alone?
Border or template=like a glowing type of gliching border kinda crackly
Do you want a specific icon maker to create your icon= None I know all you guys are great after looking at your work..
Any other notes for us? = Just be creative I know my request is in good hands lol
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