alanna (torn_canvas) wrote in icons_r_art,

New community!

Okay, for anyone reading this, please join if you haven't already! I'm pretty good at making icons, and I know just about everything when it comes to making them. Don't be afraid to join and ask any questions on how I make my icons, how to make them, what programs to use, and how to use them. I'm willing to ask any questions you come up with, and I also take up requests! Just fill out the information below for a request:

Picture to use (must be provided for me, I'm not going around to search for a picture):
Any text:
Text placement:
Specific font (if applicable):
Text colors:
Text Effects (like blinkies, etc):
Image Transitions (like fade, etc):
Image Effects (like scratches, etc):

Please BE SPECIFIC when filling out the application! I, or anyone else, will not know exactly what you mean unless you are extremely specific.

ALSO: You are only allowed ONE image effect/transition per icon! Make your icon within reason! I'm not an icon magician >_<. So, when you fill out the application, I expect not to see all three bolded fields filled out, or you will have to delete your post and fill it out all over again! Thanks.

If there needs to be anything else, let me know.

Also, please join if you make icons as well! I love to me fellow icon-enthusiasts, so please join and share your icons with myself and the rest of the community (well, whoever joins anyway).

-Alanna (the mod)

Edited July 23, 2004 2:58 pm
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