alanna (torn_canvas) wrote in icons_r_art,

Update 001

I have just made the "Memories" section, for reference and navigation purposes, for community members to view. Each post is (and will) be divided into different categories for easy access. We really need some more members, so if anyone could please help promote in their own journal/community, it would really be helpful! There are banners/buttons located in the community's userinfo page.

ALSO: If anyone who owns an icon journal/community and would like to become an affiliate with Icons Are Art, please fill out the application located in the userinfo page and post it to my journal (torn_canvas). You can just leave a comment anywhere; I'll read it no matter where it goes.

There will now be an update post everytime something important needs to be said regarding the community, or if any big changes have been made. I suggest everyone reads them, as there could be something important that could affect you.

Thanks, and I hope most of you can help participate in promoting the community!

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