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icon request

Picture to use:http://www.frenchhollowalpacas.com/images/kissing.jpg [make it 100x100]

Any text:Gaze into my eyes..then fade that out and put are you feeling sleepy yet?

Text placement:Gaze into my eyes at the top and then fade out and put at the bottom..are you feeling sleepy yet?

Specific font (if applicable):a nice boldish font..pixel maybe or something purtty you know nothing cursive though but make it readable and clear

Text colors:something that goes with the pic..maybe like a pink and make the letters blink

Any blinkies:give it like a dashed and blinky border
Blinkie specifics (like colors, etc):make the border like black..but make the border subtle like thinnish okay not thick or anything

Any other special effects: also make the icon look like those old movies with the lines and stuff in it..thanks so much in advance
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